List of journal and conference papers published within the project. For a list of MSc and BSc theses click here.

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Radim Tylecek, Fisher, R. B.

Consistent Semantic Annotation of Outdoor Datasets via 2D/3D Label Transfer Journal Article

Sensors, 18 (7), pp. 20, 2018, ISSN: 1424-8220.

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Nicola Strisciuglio, Maria Leyva Vallina, Nicolai Petkov, Rafael Munoz Salinas

Camera Localization in Outdoor Garden Environments Using Artificial Landmarks Conference

IEEE International Work Conference on Bioinspired Intelligence , 2018.

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B.A.J. van Tuijl, A.P.M. Tielen, A. Mencarelli, J. Hemming

Structured design of a novel end-effector for a bush trimming robot Conference

European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng) Conference, Ageng 2018, 2018.

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Nicola Strisciuglio, Radim Tylecek, Nicolai Petkov, Peter Bieber, Jochen Hemming, Eldert van Henten, Torsten Sattler, Marc Pollefeys, Theo Gevers, Thomas Brox, Robert B. Fisher

TrimBot2020: an outdoor robot for automatic gardening Conference

50th International Symposium on Robotics, VDE Verlag GmbH - Berlin - Offenbach, 2018.

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Nikolaus Mayer, Eddy Ilg, Philipp Fischer, Caner Hazirbas, Daniel Cremers, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Thomas Brox

What Makes Good Synthetic Training Data for Learning Disparity and Optical Flow Estimation? Journal Article

International Journal of Computer Vision, 2018.

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Johannes L. Schönberger, Andreas Geiger, Marc Pollefeys, Torsten Sattler

Semantic Visual Localization Conference

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2018.

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Anil S. Baslamisli, Hoang-An Le, Theo Gevers

CNN based Learning using Reflection and Retinex Models for Intrinsic Image Decomposition Conference

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018.

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Torsten Sattler, Radim Tylecek, Thomas Brox, Marc Pollefeys, Robert B. Fisher

3D Reconstruction Meets Semantics – Reconstruction Challenge 2017 Technical Report

ICCV Workshop Venice, Italy, 2017.

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Sezer Karaoglu, Yang Liu, Theo Gevers, Arnold W.M. Smeulders

Point Light Source Position Estimation from RGB-D Images by Learning Surface Attribute Journal Article

IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 2017.

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Benjamin Ummenhofer, Huizhong Zhou, Jonas Uhrig, Nikolaus Mayer, Eddy Ilg, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Thomas Brox

DeMoN: Depth and Motion Network for Learning Monocular Stereo Conference

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.

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Eddy Ilg, Nikolaus Mayer, T. Saikia, Margret Keuper, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Thomas Brox

FlowNet 2.0: Evolution of Optical Flow Estimation with Deep Networks Conference

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.

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Johannes Lutz Schönberger, Hans Hardmeier, Torsten Sattler, Marc Pollefeys

Comparative Evaluation of Hand-Crafted and Learned Local Features Conference

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.

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Thomas Schöps, Johannes L. Schönberger, Silvano Galliani, Torsten Sattler, Konrad Schindler, Marc Pollefeys, Andreas Geiger

A Multi-View Stereo Benchmark with High-Resolution Images and Multi-Camera Videos Conference

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017, 2017.

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Dominik Honegger, Torsten Sattler, Marc Pollefeys

Embedded Real-time Multi-Baseline Stereo Conference

Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017, 2017.

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Horna, L. A., Fisher, R. B.

3D plane labeling stereo matching with content aware adaptive windows Conference

Proc. 12th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, 2017.

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Luis Horna, Robert B. Fisher

Plane labeling trinocular stereo matching with baseline recovery Conference

The Fifteenth IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision Applications, 2017.

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