Student theses

MSc and BSc theses developed with the TrimBot2020 project


Qixuan Zhang

Global Structure-from-Motion from Learned Relative Poses Masters Thesis


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Konstantinos-Nektarios Lianos

Dense Semantic SLAM Masters Thesis

ETH Zurich , 2017.

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Rudi Habermann

Design of a drive chassis for a hedge trimming robot Masters Thesis

Bosch, 2017.


Simon Feeser

Konstruktion eines Stützensystems für einen mobilen Gartenroboter zum Heckenschneiden Masters Thesis



Benjamin Schäfer

Navigationsstrategie für einen mobilen Gartenroboter Masters Thesis



Marcel Geppert

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Generalized Cameras Masters Thesis

ETH Zurich, 2017.

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Vincent Grijze

Automated evaluation of the Trimbot2020 boxwood trimming system Masters Thesis

Wageningen University, 2017.

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